Amul Milk Twitter has recently come under fire for temporarily restricting the Amul account on the microblogging site. The move came after Amul issued a spot ad and called for a boycott of Chinese products.

The animation, which was shared by Amol, has the words “Out of the Dragon” and “Amol Made in India” written on it. She also had a young girl facing a dragon. Behind the dragon, the Chinese mobile app logo TikTok can be seen. Amal financed the topic with an explanation, “#Amul Topical: On boycotting Chinese products …”

The topic was published as high-level talks were held between India and China on the border dispute in Ladakh. Amol, who is known for making strange topics on current issues, researched China.

However, after the reaction, the Twitter account was restored. A Twitter spokesperson also commented on the controversy and confirmed that this was done for security purposes. They said, “Safety and security of accounts is a key priority for us and to ensure that the account is sometimes not compromised, we require the account owner to complete a simple CAPTCHA re-test.”

They added, “These challenges are simple for real account holders to solve, but it is difficult (or costly) for unwanted or malicious account owners to complete them. Once the account is cleared for this security step, the account regains full access. To protect the accounts that we routinely require them to delete The managing director of Amul RS Sodhi said that the Twitter account of the company was blocked on the night of June 4 and it was restored on the morning of June 5 when the issue was addressed with Twitter.

“Our Twitter account was blocked on the night of June 4 and restored on June 5 morning when we again took up the process of reactivation with Twitter,” he said.

“Had a call from Shri Manish Maheshwari MD Twitter India, clarifying the issue that the account was blocked due to technical reasons and not in relation to the content published,” he tweeted on Saturday evening.

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