Kanpur and Agra Metro projects tender rejects by Yogi government

Another shock to China from Indian government Chinese company’s tender application rejected
In the past, after a violent clash in the Galvan Valley, India has begun to surround China on the economic front. This is the reason why the Government of India has taken many tough decisions. Now China has been given another blow by India. In fact, due to technical flaws, Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) rejected the Chinese company’s tender application for the Kanpur-Agra Metro.

Who got the tender?

In fact, the UPMRC has given the tender of the train control and signaling system to Bombardier Transport India Private Limited, along with supply, testing and commissioning of metro trains (rolling stocks) for the Kanpur and Agra Metro projects. For this, the Chinese company CRRC Nanjing Pujhen Limited had also tendered but due to technical flaws, the Chinese company was disqualified. Explain that Bombardier Transport India Private Limited There is an Indian consortium (group of companies).

What is Kanpur and Agra Project?

For both Kanpur and Agra metro projects, a total of 67 trains will be supplied, out of which each train will have 3 coaches, out of which 39 trains will be for Kanpur and 28 trains will be for Agra. The passenger capacity of a train will be around 980 i.e. around 315-350 passengers will be able to travel in each coach.

What did UPMRC say?

According to a statement issued by UPMRC, on the same lines of Lucknow, in Kanpur and Agra also adopted a single tender process for rolling stocks and signaling systems. It was used for the first time in the country for the Lucknow metro project, which was very successful.

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The statement said that after the resumption of the civil construction work in Kanpur once again after the lockdown, completion of the tender process of rolling stock and signaling system is a major achievement. This will not only strengthen the economy, but the dream of Metro services of the people of Kanpur and Agra will also be fulfilled soon.


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