Russia's Victory Day Parade, Rajnath will attend, China also invited

Every year on 9 May, Russia celebrates its Victory Day. It is considered to be the largest event of Russian armies. This year, due to the Corona epidemic, it is being celebrated on 24 June.

This special day is celebrated as the 75th anniversary of the Second World War.

The Defense Minister of the country is also taking part in the completion of 75 years of Russia’s Victory Day Parade.

Let’s know why there is a Victory Day Parade in which China has also been invited.

Victory Day is the main military holiday of almost all member states of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (except the Baltic and Ukraine). It is celebrated every year in Moscow and the main capital cities of Russia. This day is celebrated as a celebration by the Russian government.

These special days in Russia celebrate 1945 as the anniversary of the capitals of Nazi Germany.

These days mark Russia’s Allied victory in World War II. On the same day in Berlin, the victorious allies signed the German Act of Capitulation.

Also at midnight on May 9, 1945 (Soviet time) the official end of World War II took place in Europe and the northern parts of Africa.

This tour of Rajnath will be for three days, where he will participate in the program on the completion of 75 years of Russia’s Victory Day Parade.

The special thing is that during this time, representatives of China and ministers will also be involved here, but Rajnath Singh will not meet them.

This victory parade is being held on the occasion of the victory of the Soviet Union in the second world war.

Earlier this parade was supposed to go out in May, but the Corona crisis was averted. During this time, representatives of many countries will be involved, where the Russian Foreign Minister will welcome everyone.

It is reported that Chinese ministers will also take part in this program, but due to the current tension, Rajnath Singh will not meet them.

Significantly, even though military and diplomatic level talks between the two countries continue, the atmosphere remains tense after the martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers.

This parade will take place in Russia on June 24, in which case Rajnath’s tour will be for three days.

Let us tell you that 75 members of all three armies of India have already reached to participate in the Victory Parade. Along with Russia and other armies, Indian Army personnel will also participate in this parade.

The contingent participating in the Victory Day parade is being led by a large rank officer of the Veer Sikh Light Infantry Regiment.

Please tell that instead of May 9 this year, due to coronavirus, the parade is being held on June 24 this year.

According to historical facts, the first Victory Day parade took place on June 24, 1945.

During this time, Russian soldiers not only fought the Nazis for Moscow but also protected Leningrad and Stalingrad.

After this, he took out the spectacular Victory Day Parade on Red Square.

Earlier in 2015, the then President Pranab Mukherjee went to participate in the Victory Day Parade. At that time too, a team consisting of 75 members of India took part, and then the Grenadier Regiment led the army.


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