There are eight continents on Earth not seven, scientists created a new map

There are eight continents on earth, not seven. But the eighth continent is buried under the sea. The continent is on the southeast from Australia to New Zealand. Now scientists have made a new map of it. Which shows that it is spread over 5 million square kilometers. That is, it is about 17 lakh square kilometers bigger than the area of India. The area of India is 32.87 lakh square kilometers.

The name of this eighth continent is Zealandia. Scientists said that it had sunk into the sea about 230 million years ago.

Zeelandia was broken into by supercontinent Gondwanaland 7.90 million years ago. This continent was first discovered about three years ago. Since then, scientists are constantly doing research on this.

Now the scientists of New Zealand have prepared its tectonic and bathymetric map. So that the seismic activities and marine information related to it can be known.

GNL science geologist Nick Mortheimer said that these maps tell us about the world. They are very special. This is a great scientific achievement.

Nick said that the concept of the eighth continent came in 1995. But it took time until 2017 to find it and then it was recognized as the lost eighth continent.

Zeelandia is present at a depth of 3800 feet inside the Pacific Ocean. The new map has revealed that there is very high land in Zealandia. Somewhere there are very high mountains and somewhere deep valleys.

The whole of Zealandia is under the sea, but near Lord Howe Island the rock named Balls Pyramid is out of the sea. It is from this place that there is another continent under the sea.


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