Twitter hacking case: FBI-led investigation, many accounts of famous people like Obama and Joe Biden were hacked

Hackers were asking for bitcoins from people with hacked accounts, Twitter shares lost 1.3 percent.

Twitter hacking case; The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is leading a federal investigation into the Twitter hacking case.

Several Twitter accounts, including former President Barack Obama, Amazon chief Jeff Bezos and Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden, were hacked on Wednesday night and hackers were seeking bitcoins from people through these accounts.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is leading a federal investigation into the Twitter hacking case, news agency Reuters reported.

On this issue, two sources said that the hackers had seized the accounts of Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian and others and had control over what is being called the bitcoin scam.

Earlier, the FBI said that we are aware of today’s security incident, which includes several Twitter accounts related to high profile individuals.

Crypto currency fraud was done to tamper accounts.

Twitter’s stock suffered losses due to the Hanking incident and traded down 1.3 percent.
Many accounts including Obama hacked

Earlier on Wednesday night for micro-blogging site Twitter was very frightening.

The Twitter accounts of many veterans of the world including former President Barack Obama and Bill Gates were hacked.

Then Twitter limited some blue tick accounts for several hours so that they could not tweet.

After hacking the Twitter account, money was being sought in the form of bitcoins by tweeting from all accounts, although this crisis has now been overcome.

The veterans whose Twitter accounts were hacked by hackers included former US President Barack Obama, Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden and Microsoft’s Bill Gates among many others.

The special thing is that the same tweet was sent from everyone’s account, you send money through bitcoin and we will give you double the money. Along with this, it was also written in the tweet that the time has come that we should return what we have earned from the society.

With the tweet, it was said to give money through bitcoin.

On this episode, it was tweeted by Twitter CEO Jack that today was a very difficult day in Twitter, we tried to stop the hacking.

Many accounts were closed to do this, although accounts have now been resumed. The investigation of how this hacking happened and who was behind it continues.

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